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Nuclear Fission - Physical Overview - Energetics - Input
... (two positively charged fission products + neutrons) ... is supplied by the simple binding of an extra neutron to the heavy nucleus via the strong force however, in many fissionable isotopes, this amount ... has a near-zero fission cross section for neutrons of less than one MeV energy ...
Henry H. Barschall - Biography
... Kanner the first demonstration of fission by fast neutrons and thorium and uranium ... His thesis was on the interaction of fast neutrons with helium ... the discovery of spin-orbit coupling in neutron scattering ...
Neutron Moderator - Nuclear Weapon Design
... large amount of fissile material, moderated by a neutron moderator, similar in structure to a nuclear reactor or "pile." Only the Manhattan project embraced the idea of a chain reaction of fast neutrons in pure ... something like a nuclear reactor, with the neutrons slowed by many collisions with a moderator." After the success of the Manhattan project, all major nuclear ... or in the case of Ray, deuterium acting as the neutron moderator ...
Neutron Temperature - Fission Energy Neutrons
... A fast neutron is a free neutron with a kinetic energy level close to 1 MeV (1.6×10−13 J), hence a speed of ~14,000 km/s (~ 5% of the speed of light) ... They are named fission energy or fast neutrons to distinguish them from lower-energy thermal neutrons, and high-energy neutrons produced in cosmic ... Fast neutrons are produced by nuclear processes such as nuclear fission ...

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