MeV and meV are multiples and submultiples of the electron volt unit referring to 1,000,000 eV and 0.001 eV, respectively.

Mev or MEV may refer to:

In entertainment:

  • Musica Elettronica Viva, an Italian musical group
  • "Music English Version", a recurring sketch on the Philippine sketch comedy show Bubble Gang
  • Martian Exploration Vehicle, a module of the Thunderbirds Zero X spacecraft, later seen on Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and Terrahawks

In transport:

  • M1133 Medical Evacuation Vehicle, a variant of the IAV Stryker
  • Med-View Airline, ICAO airline designator "MEV", a charter airline company based out of Kano, Nigeria
  • Merthyr Vale railway station, station code "MEV", a Welsh railway station in Merthyr Vale
  • Minden-Tahoe Airport, IATA airport code "MEV", an airport in Minden, Nevada, United States
  • MEV Ltd., a kit car manufacturer

In sport:

  • MEV München, the 1957 German men's baseball champions
  • Münchener e. V., a Bavarian figure skating club

In language:

  • Mev, a singular masculine possessive pronoun in Istro-Romanian grammar, equivalent to English "my"
  • Mev., short for "Mevrou", Afrikaans equivalent of Mrs.

In organizations:

  • Michigan Emergency Volunteers, a former name of the Michigan Volunteer Defense Force
  • Minds-Eye-View, a company which acquired the assets iPIX in 2007

In science:

  • Mink enteritis virus, a species of parvovirus that infects mink and causes enteritis
  • Mouse encephalomyelitis virus, a species of enterovirus that infects mice
  • Multi-Experiment Viewer, a software tool for genomic data exploration

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