Fairing may refer to:

In aerodynamics and hydrodynamics:

  • Aircraft fairing, a structure in aircraft design used to reduce drag and improve appearance
  • Bicycle fairing, a type of fairing coverage for bicycles
  • Motorcycle fairing, a type of fairing applied to motorcycles
  • Yacht fairing, the process of making a yacht hull smooth so that it moves efficiently through the water
  • Payload fairing, a structure on a rocket-powered launch vehicle
  • Cable fairing, a form of fairing applied to towed cables, primarily in marine environments


  • Cornish fairings, a type of ginger biscuit
  • Victorian china fairings, a type of porcelain figurine

Other articles related to "fairing, fairings":

Suzuki GT Series - GT125
... excepting colours and trim items (the 'B' model in 1977 got a tail fairing), until the end of production with the 1977 MY ... Some markets received 1978 MY (the 'EC' which had tail fairing cast wheels) there were MY 1979 MY 1980 versions of this model with the name changing to RG125 X4 ...
MV Agusta 125 SOHC - Fairing
... In 1953 many racers adopted the dustbin fairing design on the MV 125 Dohc ... The dustbin was a very large fairing that was built with air flow in mind ... In 1957 the dustbin fairing was abolished due to riders being injured when strong crosswinds literally blew the racers off the track ...
Motorcycle Fairing - History
... The term fairing came into use in aircraft aerodynamics with regard to smoothing airflow over a juncture of components where airflow was disrupted ... Handlebar fairings, such as those on Harley-Davidson Tourers, sometimes upset the balance of a motorcycle, inducing wobble ... The first factory installed full fairing was that installed on the BMW R100RS introduced in 1976 ...
Motorcycle Fairing - Types
... Streamliner This is a full fairing as found on land speed record machines ... Dustbin fairing A single-piece, streamlined shell covering the front half of a motorcycle resembling the nose of an aircraft, sometimes referred to as torpedo ... Dolphin fairing It was called so because in early models the front wheel mud guard streamlined with the rising windshield part of the fairing resembled the dolphin's beak from the side view ...
Bicycle Fairing - Bodysock
... Fairings are available for the front and rear of the vehicle ... Some riders also use a "bodysock," a fabric (usually lycra) covering which connects the front fairing and the rear fairing, enclosing the rider for even less drag ... Socks can also be run from a front fairing to an "A" shaped framework on the back of the seat ...