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Faber Drive is a four-piece, Juno award nominated Canadian rock band from Mission, British Columbia. They have toured with bands such as Hedley, Marianas Trench, Jonas Brothers, Simple Plan and Metro Station. They have gained a huge amount of popularity in many parts of Canada.

Already well-known for a local fan base, Faber Drive released a limited edition three-song EP under the band name Faber. Due to legal issues, the band changed their name to Faber Drive.

Discovered by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, and signed to his 604 Records, Label, Faber Drive released their debut album, Seven Second Surgery, on May 1, 2007 which was followed by the release of four singles. The band's biggest influencees are U2, The Police, Def Leppard, Jimmy Eat World, Stryper and Winger.

The band also featured in the American drama television series Kyle XY. Two of their songs "killin' me" and "summer fades to fall" had featured in the show. The band also made an appearance in episode 3.01, "Psychic Friend" which aired on January 19, 2009. The band's lead singer, Dave Faber is also an actor who will be starring in the upcoming Tron 2.0 film and is married to Ricarda Faber


The band got their name when Faber and Red were driving and Faber was playing guitar behind the wheel and drove through a red light. Red then said "Faber drive!", thus giving them the name Faber Drive. After winning the Fox Seeds competition, they changed their name to Faber Drive to avoid potential legal issues. One of the names they considered before electing Faber Drive was Seven Second Surgery, but they decided it made a better album title than band name.



Faber taught "Red" how to play drums for a while and asked him if he wanted to audition for his band. Hinsley was referred to Faber by his brother. At first, Dave thought he wasn't what he was looking for. A couple days later, Hinsley invited Faber for some beverages and they just connected. Dave found his lead guitarist. Red and Faber saw Krikit playing bass at an Easter service at the local church. Faber gave him his number, Krikit thought he was trying to make him come to church more often but he was going to stop coming because he had started drinking and didn't feel it was right. When he found out Faber and Red weren't from the church he was overwhelmed. He learned all the songs and played without hesitation three days before the band's first gig. Since then, they have opened for bands such as Nickleback, Hedley and Simple Plan.

Early Years and Rise to Fame

After forming "Faber" Dave would sign to Chad Kroeger of Nickleback's 604 Records label and hook up with Joey Moi for pre-production and Brian Howes to co-write with Faber. They then joined Fox's Battle of the Bands and would eventually win. After the bands triumph, they released a limted edition self-titled EP.They would later change their name to "Faber Drive" to avoid potential legal issues and would go on tour to promote their debut album titled "Seven Second Surgery". Some concerts were partially taped on camera by band members and posted on Youtube. They would release three singles and music videos from Seven Second Surgery. In April 2008, Ray was married and decided to leave the band. Calvin "Poncho" Lechner would join Faber Drive's line up and replace Red. They would later release a fourth single titled "Sleepless Nights" which is about a child's point of view of his parents fighting. In the summer of 2008, David Hinsley quit the band. Zubin Thakkar from the band Prize Fighter would come in to replace Hinsley and play in concerts until Faber Drive's last show in October 2008. Faber Drive will be working on their new album during Winter/Spring 2008/2009.

Seven Second Surgery

Seven Second Surgery is the debut album of pop punk band Faber Drive. Four singles were released from Seven Second Surgery such as: "Second Chance", "Tongue Tied","When I'm With You", and "Sleepless Nights (Never Let Her Go) (featuring Brian Melo)". All of which have been a number 1 single in a chart. While "Second Chance" and "Tongue Tied" had successful chart positions in the west-coast of Canada, "When I'm With You" had the best chart positions in the east-coast. This album is called "can'T kEep A SecrEt"

Second Album

The band is currently working on their new single "G-Get Up and Dance" which is produced by Faber, Dave Rave Ogilvie (Nine Inch Nails) and Colin "Crocker" Friesen. The Single aired on July 13th, 2009 and was available on iTunes on July 21st, 2009. Guitarist Jordan Pritchett and drummer Andrew Stricko have joined and replaced Hinsley and Lechner. The first single G-Get Up and Dance went Gold after 5 weeks, reached #2 of the Top 10 on iTunes Canada, and debuted at #6 on The Canadian Hot 100.

Thrid Album

The band has recently released their third studio album "Lost in Paradise". Faber drive are heading on a cross Canada tour in early Spring 2013


Current members

Dave Faber - Lead vocals and Rhythm guitar (2004-present) Jeremy Liddle - Bass guitar and Backing vocals (2004-present) Jordan Pritchett Lead guitar and Backing vocals (2009-present) Seamus O'Neil - Drums and Backing vocals (2012-present)

Former Members

Ray Bull - Drums and Backing vocals (2004-2008) David Hinsley - Lead guitar and Backing vocals (2004-2008) Calvin Lechner - Drums and Backing vocals (2008-2009) Andrew Stricko - Drums and Backing vocals (2009-2012)

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