Eysenck is a surname, and may refer to

  • Hans Jürgen Eysenck (1916–1997), psychology professor
  • Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, a psychological test developed by Hans Eysenck
  • Michael Eysenck (b. 1944), psychology professor, son of Hans
  • Sybil B. G. Eysenck, psychologist, wife of Hans
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Extraversion And Introversion - Measurement - Eysenck's Theory
... Hans Eysenck described extraversion-introversion as the degree to which a person is outgoing and interactive with other people ... Eysenck designated extraversion as one of three major traits in his P-E-N model of personality, which also includes psychoticism and neuroticism ... Eysenck originally suggested that extraversion was a combination of two major tendencies, impulsiveness and sociability ...
Hans Eysenck - Views and Their Reception - Later Work
... Eysenck includes the entire text of the 1994 editorial (including the lead paragraphs mentioning The Bell Curve and twenty-five propositions about human ... Eysenck made early contributions to fields such as personality by express and explicit commitment to a very rigorous adherence to scientific methodology, as Eysenck believed that scientific ... His early work showed Eysenck to be an especially strong critic of psychoanalysis as a form of therapy, preferring behaviour therapy ...
Hans Eysenck - Biographies
... Gibson (Tony Gibson), who worked with Eysenck at the Institute of Psychiatry, published a biography of him ... Eysenck's autobiography was published in 1990 and revised in 1997 ... A biography of Eysenck written by Roderick Buchanan was published by Oxford University Press in 2010 Playing with Fire the Controversial Career of Hans J ...
Michael Eysenck
... Michael William Eysenck (born 8 February 1944) is a British academic psychologist, and is currently an emeritus professor in psychology at Royal Holloway ... Eysenck has written and co-written many publications, including several textbooks ...