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Binocular Vision - Field of View and Eye Movements
... usually but not always prey animals, have their two eyes positioned on opposite sides of their heads to give the widest possible field of view ... In such animals, the eyes often move independently to increase the field of view ... Even without moving their eyes, some birds have a 360-degree field of view ...
Saccade - Types
... by intended goal in four ways In a visually guided saccade, the eyes move towards a visual transient, or stimulus ... In an antisaccade, the eyes move away from the visual onset ... a reflexive saccade to the onset location, and voluntarily moving the eye in the other direction ...
Superior Colliculus - Function - Eye Movements
... In primates, eye movements can be divided into several types fixation, in which the eyes are directed toward a motionless object, with eye movements only to compensate for ... Eye movements are evoked by activity in the deep layers of the SC ... front edge are activated, leading to small eye movements ...

Famous quotes containing the words move and/or eyes:

    Something hangs in back of me,
    I can’t see it, can’t move it.
    I know it’s black,
    a hump on my back.
    It’s heavy. You
    can’t see it.
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)

    Physical love, so unjustly decried, forces everyone to manifest even the smallest bits of kindness he possesses, of selflessness, that they shine in the eyes of all who surround him.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)