Extraction may refer to:

  • Extraction (album), an album by guitarist Greg Howe
  • Extraction (chemistry), the separation of a substance from a matrix
  • Extraction (military), the removal of someone from a hostile area to a secure location
  • Extraction (The Shield), an episode of the television series The Shield
  • Extraction (wine), the amount of polyphenols leeched from the grape into the must
  • Comedo extraction, a method of acne treatment
  • Data extraction, the process of retrieving data out of data sources
  • Dental extraction, the surgical removal of a tooth from the mouth
  • Fragrance extraction, the process of obtaining fragrant oils and compounds from odorous raw materials
  • Resource extraction, the process of locating, acquiring and selling any resource
    • Petroleum extraction, the process of recovering petroleum from the ground
  • Dead Space: Extraction, a video game for the Wii that serves as a prequel to the 2008 video game Dead Space
  • the process of reversing data compression, a.k.a. decompression, in computing
  • the process of choosing elements from a source document, in linguistics
  • a part of the anatomy of a stroke in rowing
  • the origin or ancestry of a person
  • "Extractions", a song by BS 2000 from the 2001 album Simply Mortified

Other articles related to "extraction":

STABO - History
... on a napkin, after a wounded Special Forces Soldier fell out of a McGuire extraction rig, during a combat extraction mission ... The STABO rig served two main functions it was itself an extraction harness and also served as the base for the operator's load bearing equipment in the field ...
Concholepas Concholepas - Human Uses - Commercial Fishery
... In 1980, the extraction peaked, with a catch of 25,000 tons ... Since 1989, extraction is illegal in Chile, but from 1992 onwards, some exceptions have been made for accredited commercial divers ... The minimum size allowed for extraction is 10 cm ...
List Of Natural Language Processing Toolkits - Subfields of Natural Language Processing
... Information extraction (IE) – field concerned in general with the extraction of semantic information from text ... covers tasks such as named entity recognition, coreference resolution, relationship extraction, etc ...
Superheated Water - Extraction
... Extraction using superheated water tends to be fast because diffusion rates increase with temperature ... For example, in extraction of essential oils from rosemary and coriander, the more valuable oxygenated terpenes were extracted much faster than the hydrocarbons ... Therefore, extraction with superheated water can be both selective and rapid, and has been used to fractionate diesel and woodsmoke particulates ...
Collocation Extraction
... Collocation extraction is the task of extracting collocations automatically from a corpus using a computer ... The traditional method of performing collocation extraction is to find a formula based on the statistical quantities of those words to calculate a score associated to every word pairs ...

Famous quotes containing the word extraction:

    Logic is the last scientific ingredient of Philosophy; its extraction leaves behind only a confusion of non-scientific, pseudo problems.
    Rudolf Carnap (1891–1970)