• (noun): An artist who is an adherent of expressionism.
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Alexander Mohr - Life and Work
... formal artistic instruction in 1905 in Koblenz, Germany under the tutelage of German expressionist William Straube (1871–1954), who was a student of Henri Matisse ... The war behind him, in 1919 Mohr studied under expressionist Adolf Holzel (1853–1934) in Stuttgart and executed his works in the circle of the ... In 1919 he illustrated a book for famed German expressionist writer Carl Maria Weber and later rendered avant-garde illustrations for other publications ...
Expressionist Painters
... Expressionist artists sought to express meaning or emotional experience rather than physical reality ... painters such as Matthias Grünewald and El Greco are sometimes termed expressionist, though in practice the term is applied mainly to 20th-century works ... The Expressionist emphasis on individual perspective has been characterized as a reaction to positivism and other artistic styles such as Naturalism and Impressionism ...
Ludwig Meidner
... The series, produced rapidly in a hectic heatwave, are some of the purest "expressionist" works, portraying the terror of the modern city in catastrophic settings comets cross the sky like canon shells, fires ... His portraits from 1915 to the end of the 1920s are a gallery of the leading expressionist and Dada writers and poets ... Meidner himself increasingly turned to writing—he produced several books of dense expressionist prose and contributed to many newspaper articles ...
Expressionist Painters - In Other Arts - Music
... of the Second Viennese School, wrote pieces described as Expressionist (Schoenberg also made Expressionist paintings) ... Later composers, such as Ernst Krenek, are often considered as a part of the Expressionist style of music ... their contemporaries (such as Maurice Ravel, George Gershwin and Igor Stravinsky) is that Expressionist composers used atonality self-consciously to free their work from ...
Sonya Rapoport - Artistic Evolution
... In the 1950s her painting practice shifted, displaying Abstract expressionist influences while abandoning figuration ... scientific illustrations, graphic forms, and three-dimensional abstract expressionist constructions ... Rapoport now tacking together canvases of different expressionist tendencies into a single unit a work like "Psyche Trio" gives a strange almost schizophrenic feeling ...

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  • (adj): Of or relating to expressionism.
    Example: "Expressionist art"
    Synonyms: expressionistic