• (adj): Not covered with clothing.
    Example: "Her exposed breast"
    Synonyms: uncovered
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Sedimentary Structures - Bedding Plane Structures
... This tells you that the mud was saturated with water and then exposed to air ... form in a similar way, with the exception that they are never exposed to air, instead being caused by changes in the salinity of the surrounding water ... Raindrop impressions form on exposed sediment by raindrop impacts ...
City Church Of Bremgarten - Frescoes
... The only 1897 exposed image of the original frescoes was a 80 by 32 cm tall figure of Mary with a naked baby Jesus in three-quarter profile, the turnout style of the ... When renovation work center in 1983 frescoes by the artist Paul Widerkehr exposed from 1630 ... These were, as far as they were received, exposed and today adorn the choir ...
Sheepeater Cliff
... The Sheepeater Cliffs are a series of exposed cliffs made up of columnar basalt in Yellowstone National Park in the United States ... basaltic floods in Yellowstone Caldera, and later exposed by the Gardner River ... Many of the exposed cliffs are located along a steep inaccessible canyon cut by the Gardner near Bunsen Peak, but some of the cliffs located just off the Grand Loop ...
Solar Urticaria - Signs and Symptoms
... Generally, the areas affected are exposed skin not usually protected by clothing however it can also occur in areas covered by clothing ... progressing to erythema and edema in the exposed areas of the skin ... Also, if a large area of the body is suddenly exposed, the person may be subject to an anaphylactic reaction ...
Miracle Cars Scam - Exposed
... Over the next two years, Hamilton and Marshall painstakingly followed the money trail ... Initially thinking that the "National Finders" were the ringleaders, they contacted all three of them ...

More definitions of "exposed":

  • (adj): With no protection or shield.
    Example: "The exposed northeast frontier"
    Synonyms: open

Famous quotes containing the word exposed:

    He has a nasty instinct for the exposed groin, and always puts his knee in just to stir things up.
    Austin Mitchell (b. 1934)

    In the most desirable conditions, the child learns to manage anxiety by being exposed to just the right amounts of it, not much more and not much less. This optimal amount of anxiety varies with the child’s age and temperament. It may also vary with cultural values.... There is no mathematical formula for calculating exact amounts of optimal anxiety. This is why child rearing is an art and not a science.
    Alicia F. Lieberman (20th century)

    He made for the door, automatically resuming his glasses and leaving in front of her, on the floor, his right slipper in token of his speedy return. Then, his desire exposed and his eyes wicked behind their strong lenses, he attempted to push her toward the bed.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)