Exotic Spheres

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Generalized Poincaré Conjecture - Exotic Spheres
... of manifolds that are homeomorphic, but not diffeomorphic, to the standard sphere, the exotic spheres you can interpret these as non-standard smooth structures on the standard (topological) sphere ... Thus the homotopy spheres that Milnor produced are homeomorphic (Top-isomorphic, and indeed piecewise linear homeomorphic) to the standard sphere Sn, but are not diffeomorphic ... Michel Kervaire and John Milnor showed that the oriented 7-sphere has 28 different smooth structures (or 15 ignoring orientations), and in higher dimensions there are usually ...
Alexander's Trick - Radial Extension - Exotic Spheres
... The failure of smooth radial extension and the success of PL radial extension yield exotic spheres via twisted spheres ... ...

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