Executive Officer

An executive officer is generally a person responsible for running an organization, although the exact nature of the role varies depending on the organization.

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Susumu Kimura - Biography
... navigator in the coastal patrol ship Matsue and destroyer Amatsukaze, becoming executive officer on Akikaze in December 1920 ... variety of warships through the 1920s, becoming lieutenant commander in 1925, and executive officer of the heavy cruiser Myōkō in 1929 ... After a brief stint as executive officer on Iwate in 1935, he commanded the 30th Destroyer Division, followed by the 19th Destroyer Division in 1936 ...
Lewis William Walt - Biography - World War II
... the 5th Marines on Guadalcanal where he took part in combat as Commanding Officer of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines ... New Britain, and shortly thereafter was assigned as Regimental Executive Officer ... Marines after the battalion's commanding officer and executive officer became casualties ...
Executive Officer - Military - United States
... gained as an XO is highly beneficial for an officer's professional development, it is not necessarily a prerequisite for a command position ... On board Coast Guard cutters that are commanded by either a junior officer or a senior enlisted member, executive petty officers (XPOs) are usually assigned to serve as second-in-command ... (CV), or "deputy commander" (CD) for an officer who serves as the second-in-command for an organization above squadron level ...
Sergeant At Arms Of The United States Senate - Executive Officer
... As executive officer of the Senate, the sergeant at arms enforces all rules of the Senate its Standing Rules, Standing Orders, Rules for the Regulation of the Senate Wing, and Rules for ...
Sidney Taurel
... He is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eli Lilly and Company ... He became chief executive officer in July 1998 and chairman of the board of directors on January 1, 1999 ... He was succeeded as chief executive officer by John C ...

Famous quotes containing the words officer and/or executive:

    No officer should be required or permitted to take part in the management of political organizations, caucuses, conventions, or election campaigns. Their right to vote and to express their views on public questions, either orally or through the press, is not denied, provided it does not interfere with the discharge of their official duties. No assessment for political purposes on officers or subordinates should be allowed.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    One point in my public life: I did all I could for the reform of the civil service, for the building up of the South, for a sound currency, etc., etc., but I never forgot my party.... I knew that all good measures would suffer if my Administration was followed by the defeat of my party. Result, a great victory in 1880. Executive and legislature both completely Republican.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)