Evanescent Wave

An evanescent wave is a near-field standing wave with an intensity that exhibits exponential decay with distance from the boundary at which the wave was formed. Evanescent waves are a general property of wave-equations, and can in principle occur in any context to which a wave-equation applies. They are formed at the boundary between two media with different wave motion properties, and are most intense within one third of a wavelength from the surface of formation. In particular, evanescent waves can occur in the contexts of optics and other forms of electromagnetic radiation, acoustics, quantum mechanics, and "waves on strings".

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... refractive index glass surface can absorb laser light, producing electron waves (surface plasmons) on the gold surface ... of incident light is varied in order to match he evanescent wave propagation rate with the propagation rate of the surface plasmon plaritons ... This induces the evanescent wave to penetrate through the glass plate and some distance into the liquid flowing over the surface ...
Attenuated Total Reflectance
... ATR uses a property of total internal reflection resulting in an evanescent wave ... This reflection forms the evanescent wave which extends into the sample ... This evanescent effect only works if the crystal is made of an optical material with a higher refractive index than the sample being studied ...
Evanescent Wave - Evanescent-wave Coupling - Applications
... Evanescent wave coupling is commonly used in photonic and nanophotonic devices as waveguide sensors ... Evanescent wave coupling is used to excite, for example, dielectric microsphere resonators ... Evanescent coupling, as near field interaction, is one of the concerns in electromagnetic compatibility ...
Frustrated Total Internal Reflection
... attenuated total reflectance Under "ordinary conditions" it is true that the creation of an evanescent wave does not affect the conservation of energy, i.e ... the evanescent wave transmits zero net energy ... the first medium and the second medium, the evanescent wave will be different from the one under "ordinary conditions" and it will pass energy across the ...

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    “Speaking of contraries, see how the brook
    In that white wave runs counter to itself.
    It is from that in water we were from
    Long, long before we were from any creature.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    The thing about Proust is his combination of the utmost sensibility with the utmost tenacity. He searches out these butterfly shades to the last grain. He is as tough as catgut and as evanescent as a butterfly’s bloom.
    Virginia Woolf (1882–1941)