European Route E73 - Toll


Various sections of the E73 are tolled, using a range of toll collection systems. Motorways in Hungary are tolled using an electronic toll collection (ETC) system with charges differing for various categories of vehicles and length of period when the e-vignette is valid. Croatian motorways are also generally tolled, using a ticket system. All sections of the A5 motorway are tolled, as well as the A3 section concurrent with the E73. As of August 2011, the toll charged along the Croatian section of the E73 route between various toll plazas at each motorway exit, varies depending on the length of route travelled and the vehicle classification in Croatia. The toll is payable in either Croatian kuna or euros and by major credit and debit cards. A prepaid ETC system is also used. State roads in Croatia are not tolled. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, only the A1 motorway is tolled at two mainline toll plazas and further toll plazas at each motorway exit between the mainline toll plazas using a ticket system.

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