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Factortame Litigation - Factortame I: Interim Measures - House of Lords Second Decision - Sovereignty and The EU
... Lord Bridge remarked that such comments were "based on a misconception", and that under the European Communities Act 1972, the law regulating the UK's membership of the EU, it had "always ... suggests that Parliament has, in passing the European Communities Act 1972, managed to bind its successors from repealing the Act impliedly ... and Hunt v Hackney Borough Council to the effect that there now exist two forms of Acts of Parliament ordinary acts which can be repealed impliedly, and 'statutory' or 'constitutional' acts which can only be ...
Thoburn V Sunderland City Council - Laws' Four Propositions
... rights and obligations created by EU law are by virtue of the European Communities Act incorporated into national law and rank supreme over national law ... must be modified or abrogated, even where it is contained in an Act of Parliament ... The European Communities Act is a constitutional statute and, as such, cannot be impliedly repealed ...
United Kingdom Constitution - Sources - European Union Law
... Under European Law, as developed by the ECJ, the EC Treaty created a "new legal order" under which the validity of European Union law cannot be impeded by national law though the UK, like a number of ... law, EU law is enforceable only on the basis of an Act of Parliament, such as the European Communities Act 1972, which provides for the supremacy of EU law ... Bridge wrote "Under the terms of the 1972 Act it has always been clear that it was the duty of a United Kingdom court, when delivering final judgment, to override any rule of national law found to be in conflict with ...
European Communities Act 1972
... European Communities Act 1972 can refer to European Communities Act 1972 (UK) European Communities Act 1972 (Ireland) ...

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