Erikson is a common Scandinavian patronymic surname meaning "son of Erik", itself an Old Norse given name. There are other spelling variations of this surname, as it is common amongst Danes, Swedes, Finns, Norwegians, and Germans. Erikson is uncommon as a given name. People with the surname include:

  • Duke Erikson (born 1953), American musician with the band Garbage
  • Erik Erikson (1902–1994), Jewish German (but a Danish citizen) developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst
  • Jon Erikson (born 1955), American long distance swimmer
  • Leif Erikson (c. 970 – c. 1020), Norse explorer, son of Erik the Red
  • Sheldon Erikson, American, Chairman of the Board, President, CEO of Cameron
  • Steven Erikson (born 1959), pseudonym of Steve Rune Lundin, Canadian novelist
  • Tom Erikson, American mixed martial arts fighter

Other articles related to "erikson":

Gustaf Erikson
... Gustaf Adolf Mauritz Erikson (1872–1947) was a ship-owner from Mariehamn, in the Åland islands, famous for the fleet of windjammers he operated to the end of his life ... Erikson was involved in sailing virtually his entire life ... bought cheaply as most shipping companies switched to steam ships about the turn of the century Erikson would often acquire ships at shipbreakers prices ...
Child Development - Theories - Erik Erikson
... Erikson, a follower of Freud's, synthesized both Freud's and his own theories to create what is known as the "psychosocial" stages of human development, which span from birth to death, and focuses on "tasks ... Erikson's eight stages consist of the following Trust vs ... "Erikson's Psychosocial Theories Help Explain Early Adolescence" ...
Johan Erikson
... Johan Erikson (born 20 January 1985) is a Swedish ski jumper who represents Holmens IF ... Erikson has a characteristic style whereby he travels very quickly, but does not fly especially far ...
... variations of this surname such as Erikson, Ericson, Ericsson and Erixon ... Erikson is uncommon as a given name ... with the surname include Charlotta Eriksson (1794-1862), Swedish actress Erik Homburger Erikson (born 1902), developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst Felix Eriksson (born 1992), Swedish ...

Famous quotes containing the word erikson:

    In any case, raw aggression is thought to be the peculiar province of men, as nurturing is the peculiar province of women.... The psychologist Erik Erikson discovered that, while little girls playing with blocks generally create pleasant interior spaces and attractive entrances, little boys are inclined to pile up the blocks as high as they can and then watch them fall down: “the contemplation of ruins,” Erikson observes, “is a masculine specialty.”
    Joyce Carol Oates (b. 1938)

    It is not easy to construct by mere scientific synthesis a foolproof system which will lead our children in a desired direction and avoid an undesirable one. Obviously, good can come only from a continuing interplay between that which we, as students, are gradually learning and that which we believe in, as people.
    —Erik H. Erikson (20th century)

    The infant’s first social achievement, then, is his willingness to let the mother out of sight without undue anxiety or rage, because she has become an inner certainty as well as an outer predictability.
    —Erik H. Erikson (1904–1994)