Eric Frank Russell

Eric Frank Russell (January 6, 1905 - February 28, 1978) was a British author best known for his science fiction novels and short stories. Much of his work was first published in the United States, in John W. Campbell's Astounding Science Fiction and other pulp magazines. Russell also wrote horror fiction for Weird Tales, and non-fiction articles on Fortean topics. A few of his stories were published under pseudonyms, of which "Duncan H. Munro" was used most often.

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... Heinlein (1948) Sinister Barrier, by Eric Frank Russell (1948) Skylark Three, by Edward E. 1950) Dreadful Sanctuary, by Eric Frank Russell (1951) Beyond Infinity, by Robert Spencer Carr (1951) Seeds of Life, by John Taine (1951) Gray Lensman ... Heinlein (1953) Deep Space, by Eric Frank Russell (1954) Three Thousand Years, by Thomas Calvert McClary (1954) Children of the Lens, by Edward E ...
Eric Frank Russell - Cultural Influences
... Russell's short story "Jay Score" (1941) is unusual amongst the pulp fiction of its time in presenting a black character, the ship's doctor, without any racial stereotyping ... Russell also appears to have originated the colloquialism "myob" for "Mind your own business", which appears frequently in the novella "...And Then There Were None ... In 1970, Russell was paid £4689 by the Beatles's company Apple Corps for the motion picture rights to his novel Wasp, the contract being signed on behalf of Apple by Ringo Starr ...
... Allamagoosa" is science fiction short story by English author Eric Frank Russell originally published in the May 1955 issue of Astounding Science Fiction and collected in The Best Of Eric Frank Russell (197 ...
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