Equivalence or equivalent may refer to:

  • In chemistry:
    • Equivalent (chemistry)
    • Equivalence point
    • Equivalent weight
  • In computing:
  • In ethics:
    • Moral equivalence
  • In history:
    • The Equivalent, a sum paid from England to Scotland at their Union in 1707.
  • In logic:
    • Logical equivalence
    • Logical biconditional
  • In mathematics:
    • Equivalence relation
    • Equivalence of categories
    • Improper rotation equivalence
    • Rotational equivalence
    • Probabilistic equivalence
  • In patent law:
    • Doctrine of equivalents
  • In music:
    • Equivalence class (music)
  • In relativity:
    • Equivalence principle
  • In translation:
    • Dynamic and formal equivalence
  • In Medical Device Manufacturing:
    • Equivalency Document
  • In international trade:
    • Equivalence (trade), a requirement imposed on WTO Member countries regarding acceptable sanitary protection measures.
  • In art
    • Equivalent VIII, a minimalist sculpture by Carl Andre consisting of a collection of bricks.

Other articles related to "equivalence":

Access Computer College - Grade Mark System
... This system uses the 4.0 grade point equivalence as the highest grade, while F or 0.0 grade point equivalence is considered the lowest possible grade ... F grade point equivalence is considered a failing mark ... Grade Point Equivalence Description Equivalence 4.0 Excellent 98%-100% 3.5 Superior 94%-97% 3.0 Very Good 91%-93% 2.5 Good 87%-90% 2.0 Satisfactory 83%-86% 1.5 Fair 79%-82% 1.0 Pass 75%-78% F Fail 74% and below ...
Topology (electrical Circuits) - Graph Theory - Equivalence
... In the field of electrical networks, there are two additional transforms that are considered to result in equivalent graphs which do not produce congruent graphs ... The first of these is the interchange of series connected branches ...
Abel Equation - Equivalence
... The change of variables sα(x) = Ψ(x), for a real parameter s, brings Abel's equation into the celebrated Schröder's equation, Ψ(f(x)) = s Ψ(x) ... The further change F(x) = exp(sα(x)) into Böttcher's equation, F(f(x)) = F(x)s. ...
Simple-homotopy Equivalence
... In mathematics, particularly the area of topology, a simple-homotopy equivalence is a refinement of the concept of homotopy equivalence ... (inverses of collapses), and a homotopy equivalence is a simple homotopy equivalence if it is homotopic to such a map ... The obstruction to a homotopy equivalence being a simple homotopy equivalence is the Whitehead torsion ...