Episode III

Episode III, Episode 3 or Episode Three may refer to:

  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, a 2005 film
  • Episode 3 (Peep Show), TV series episode
  • Episode 3 (The Tudors), TV series episode
  • Episode 3 (Skins), TV series episode
  • Episode 3 (Ashes to Ashes), TV series episode
  • Half-Life 2: Episode Three, an upcoming computer game sequel.

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... Margulis (マーグリス, Māgurisu?) is one of the main villains in Xenosaga Episode I, II and III ... In Episode I, very little is known about him besides the fact that he pursues the Y-Data hidden in MOMO's subconscious, he wields a sword with spiritual abilities (possi ... Episode II reveals a little more of Margulis' character ...
Lolita Anime - Episodes
... February 21, 1984 This episode featured a teenage protagonist (who looks the oldest out of the 6 OVAs) and focused mainly on ... The characters were drawn quite realistically for this episode 2 "Dying for Nanniki/The Sacrificial Altar" "Lolita Anime II Nanniki-ko no Shinde mo ii/Ikenie no Saidan ... This episode also has two parts to it ...
Star Wars Expanded Universe - History - The Expanded Universe and The Prequels
... The release of Episode I, however, created an entirely new storyline for writers to work from ... by introducing the newest villain, General Grievous, an important character in Episode III ... Grievous was also a main player on episodes 21-25, released in 2005 and leading directly to Episode III ...
List Of Characters In The Xenosaga Series - Playable Characters - Canaan
... Japanese Voice Actor Hiroshi Kamiya English Voice Actor Beng Spies (Episode II), Steven Blum (Episode III) With his name "Canaan," it has been speculated that he shares something in ... And in Episode III, it is finally confirmed that Canaan and Lactis are indeed both one and the same individual created at first to observe Jan Sauer and Voyager, and then in the ... After being antagonised by Doctus for the majority of the first half of Episode III, Canaan comes to realize his actual identity after analyzing data ...

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    Napoleon wanted to turn Paris into Rome under the Caesars, only with louder music and more marble. And it was done. His architects gave him the Arc de Triomphe and the Madeleine. His nephew Napoleon III wanted to turn Paris into Rome with Versailles piled on top, and it was done. His architects gave him the Paris Opera, an addition to the Louvre, and miles of new boulevards.
    Tom Wolfe (b. 1931)

    The press is no substitute for institutions. It is like the beam of a searchlight that moves restlessly about, bringing one episode and then another out of darkness into vision. Men cannot do the work of the world by this light alone. They cannot govern society by episodes, incidents, and eruptions. It is only when they work by a steady light of their own, that the press, when it is turned upon them, reveals a situation intelligible enough for a popular decision.
    Walter Lippmann (1889–1974)