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Sum Rule In Quantum Mechanics
... In quantum mechanics, a sum rule is a formula for transitions between energy levels, in which the sum of the transition strengths is expressed in a simple form ... principles, and are useful in situations where the behavior of individual energy levels is too complex to describe by a precise quantum-mechanical theory ... to construct operator equalities, which are then applied to particles or the energy levels of a system ...
Carrier Scattering - Electronic Energy Levels of Semiconductor Dangling Bonds
... A simpler and more qualitative way of determining dangling bond energy levels is with Harrisson diagrams ... are dielectrics so electrons can feel and become trapped at defect energy states ... The energy levels of these states are determined by the atoms that make up the solid ...
Rydberg Ionization Spectroscopy
... Atoms and molecules have ionization energy thresholds associated with the energy required to remove an electron from the ionic core ... (The Rydberg formula describes the energy level series of a Rydberg atom.) Rydberg series describe the energy levels associated with almost removing an electron from the ionic core ... Each Rydberg series converges on an ionization energy threshold associated with a particular ionic core configuration ...
Schottky Anomaly
... It occurs in systems with a limited number of energy levels so that E(T) increases with sharp steps, one for each energy level that becomes available ... At zero temperature only the lowest energy level is occupied, entropy is zero, and there is very little probability of a transition to a higher energy level ... As the temperature approaches the difference between the energy levels there is a broad peak in the specific heat corresponding to a large change in entropy for a small change in temperature ...
Partition Function (statistical Mechanics) - Canonical Partition Function - Definition
... that the system can occupy, and denote the total energy of the system when it is in microstate s as Es ... s sharing the same Es, it is said that the energy levels of the system are degenerate ... In the case of degenerate energy levels, we can write the partition function in terms of the contribution from energy levels (indexed by j ) as follows , where gj is the degeneracy factor, or number of ...

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