Energy Inputs

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Panicum Virgatum - Uses - Bioenergy
... including cellulosic ethanol production, biogas, and direct combustion for thermal energy applications ... tolerance, relatively low herbicide and fertilizer input requirements, ease of management, hardiness in poor soil and climate conditions, and ... The energy inputs required to grow switchgrass are favorable when compared with annual seed bearing crops such as corn, soybean, or canola, which can require relatively high energy inputs for field operations ...
Life-cycle Assessment - Life Cycle Energy Analysis
... Life cycle energy analysis (LCEA) is an approach in which all energy inputs to a product are accounted for, not only direct energy inputs during manufacture, but also all energy inputs ... An earlier term for the approach was energy analysis ... With LCEA, the total life cycle energy input is established ...
River Ecosystem - Trophic Relationships - Energy Inputs
... Energy sources can be autochthonous or allochthonous ... Autochthonous energy sources are those derived from within the lotic system ... The energy they produce is important for the community because it may be transferred to higher trophic levels via consumption ...

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