Em:t Records - The Em:t "Sound"

The Em:t "Sound"

All of the albums on the original run of em:t releases fit into the general category of Ambient music, or downtempo. Within this category there were many variations - Woob's releases were often ambient dub, Gas's music was ambient techno, Carl Stone's album was almost classical and the album by International People's Gang was almost pop. However, across all the releases there were certain recurring elements that identified the album as an em:t release. Most prominent were samples of animal noises recorded in the wild - heard on releases by Woob, Qubism, Beatsystem, Miasma, and others (this approach was taken to the extreme on the track "Waterpump" by Dalls Simpson, on the 1197 compilation, which is a 12-minute music-free recording of someone operating a hand water-pump in a countryside filled with birdsong). Other tracks processed field recordings and used them as percussion, such as "Pool" by International People's Gang, which uses the clacking of pool balls as instrumentation, and "00" by Richie Warburton, which uses the back-and-forth of a tennis match for the same purpose. Samples of television series such as Quantum Leap, Steptoe and Son and Star Trek were also used, as well as samples from films, such as Sex, Lies, and Videotape and 2001: A Space Odyssey, and film soundtracks.

All of the initial run of em:t releases were processed using the Roland Sound Space RSS 3D sound imaging system, giving the music an extra "spacious" quality.

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