Empress Suiko

Empress Suiko (推古天皇, Suiko-tennō?) (554 – 15 April 628) was the 33rd monarch of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

Suiko's reign spanned the years from 593 until her death in 628.

In the history of Japan, Suiko was the first of eight women to take on the role of empress regnant. The seven women sovereigns reigning after Suiko were Kōgyoku/Saimei, Jitō, Gemmei, Genshō, Kōken/Shōtoku, Meishō and Go-Sakuramachi.

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Empress Suiko - Traditional Narrative - Events of Suiko's Life
... Empress Suiko was a consort to her half-brother, Emperor Bidatsu, but after Bidatsu's first wife died she became his official consort and was given the title Ōkisaki (official consort of the ... After Bidatsu's death, Suiko's brother, Emperor Yōmei, came to power for about two years before dying of illness ... to fill the power vacuum that subsequently developed, Suiko became the first of what would be several examples in Japanese history where a woman was chosen to accede to the throne to ...
Ancient Japan - Classical Japan - Asuka Period
... Prince Shōtoku came to power in Japan as Regent to Empress Suiko in 594 ... Empress Suiko had come to the throne as the niece of the previous Emperor—Sujun (588–593)--who had been assassinated in 593 ... Empress Suiko had also been married to a prior Emperor—Bidatsu (572–585), but she was the first female ruler of Japan since the legendary matriarchal times ...
Soga No Emishi
... to the Nihonshoki, from the end of the reign of Empress Suiko to that of Empress Kōgyoku, Emishi enjoyed influence in the court ... After the death of Empress Suiko, Emishi succeeded in installing Prince Tamura on the throne as Emperor Jomei by citing the will of Empress Suiko ... the discernment of Emperor Jomei, Emishi supported Empress Kōgyoku ...

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