Emperor Yuan of Jin

Emperor Yuan of Jin (晋元帝/晉元帝, pinyin Jìn Yuándì, Wade-Giles Chin Yüan-ti) (276 – 3 January 323), personal name Sima Rui (司馬睿), courtesy name Jingwen (景文), was an emperor of the Jin Dynasty (265-420) and the first of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. His reign saw the steady gradual loss of Jin territory in the north, but entrenchment of Jin authority south of the Huai River and east of the Three Gorges, and for generations Jin was not seriously threatened by Wu Hu kingdoms to the north.

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Emperor Yuan Of Jin - Personal Information
... Father Sima Jin (司馬覲), the Prince Gong of Langye, son of Sima Zhou (司馬伷) Prince Wu of Langye, son of Sima Yi Mother Princess Xiahou Yuanji (夏侯元姬) (d ... Wang, mother of Prince Xi Children Sima Shao (司馬紹), the Crown Prince, later Emperor Ming of Jin Sima Pou (司馬裒) (b ... the Prince of Kuaiji (created 326), later Emperor Jianwen of Jin Princess Xunyang Princess Nankang ...

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