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Chu Yuan - Service Under Emperor Shun
... Xiao Daocheng made Emperor Houfei's brother Liu Zhun the Prince of Ancheng emperor (as Emperor Shun) ... In summer 479, Xiao forced Emperor Shun to abdicate and then, with Chu ceremonially offering him the imperial seal, accepted the throne, ending Liu Song and ...
Sun Cheng - Contribution To Emperor Shun's Restoration
... During Emperor An's reign, his various trusted person, including the eunuchs Jiang Jing (江京) and Li Run (李閏) and his wet nurse Wang Sheng (王聖), as well as his wife Empress Yan Ji ... Crown Prince Liu Bao (劉保) of crimes and getting Emperor An to depose him and make him the Prince of Jiyin ... In 125, Emperor An died suddenly, and even though Prince Bao was Emperor An's only son, Empress Yan wanted someone younger to control, and so she made Liu Yi (劉懿), the Marquess of Beixiang, emperor ...
Empress Wang Zhenfeng - As Empress Dowager
... Emperor Houfei honored Empress Wang as empress dowager and his mother Consort Chen as consort dowager ... Empress Dowager Wang was titularly regent, but the authority was actually in hands of Emperor Ming's associates Yang Yunchang (楊運長) and Ruan Dianfu ... him and Empress Dowager Wang appeared cordial, and in 474, when Emperor Houfei's uncle Liu Xiufan (劉休範) the Prince of Guiyang rebelled and appeared to be on the verge of ...
Sun Cheng - Failed Attempt To Guide Emperor Shun Onto The Right Path
... Emperor Shun, whose disposition was generally meek but weak, quickly himself became controlled by those eunuchs and officials around him, who were ... Xu (虞詡) but instead turned the situation around and convinced Emperor Shun that Yu had falsely accused him and should be sentenced to death, Sun and ... Emperor Shun therefore sent them out of the capital Luoyang, to their marches ...
Empress Xie Fanjing
... Her husband was the last emperor of the dynasty Emperor Shun ... albeit not particularly powerful, official in the administrations of Emperor Xiaowu and Emperor Ming, and was a descendant of Xie Wan (謝萬), the younger brother of ... and so could also be considered a descendant of Xie An.) She married Emperor Shun as his empress in 478, when he was 11 and effectively a puppet emperor ...

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