Emperor Mingyuan of Northern Wei

Emperor Mingyuan of Northern Wei ((北)魏明元帝) (392–423 AD), personal name Tuoba Si (拓拔嗣), was an emperor of the Chinese/Xianbei dynasty Northern Wei. He was the oldest son of the founding emperor Emperor Daowu. During his reign, Northern Wei's territory did not expand as much as it did under either his father's reign or the reign of his son Emperor Taiwu, but he helped the state stabilize over northern China, and started the tradition of meeting with important imperial officials to listen to their advice and make final decisions. He is generally regarded by historians to be an intelligent and rational ruler.

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Emperor Mingyuan Of Northern Wei - Personal Information
... Father Emperor Daowu of Northern Wei Mother Consort Liu, posthumously honored as Empress Xuanmu Wife Consort Yao, daughter of Yao Xing (Emperor Wenhuan of Later Qin ... of Taiping (created 422), later the Crown Prince (created 422), later Emperor Taiwu Tuoba Pi (拓拔丕), Prince Li of Leping (created 422, d ... married Helian Chang, Duke of Kuaiji and former emperor of Xia Princess Wuwei, later married Juqu Mujian, Prince of Northern Liang ...

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