Emperor Hadrian

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Julia Balbilla - Tour of Egypt & Her Poetry
... During their travels throughout the Roman Empire, Roman Emperor Hadrian his wife and Roman Empress Vibia Sabina were escorted by Balbilla, as they ... November 130, in commemoration of their visit to the Valley of the Kings, Hadrian, Sabina and Balbilla returned again to the Valley of the Kings ... Hadrian and Sabina, commissioned Balbilla to record their visit in 130 to the Valley of the Kings ...
Salvius Julianus - Legal Works - The Praetor's Edict
... The Emperor Hadrian appointed Julianus to collect and revise all the Praetor's Edicts available ... Soon after 125, Hadrian chose him to revise the Edicta praetoruum or Praetor's Edict, issued each year by the new Praetor urbanus ... Emperor Hadrian directed that the Edict now become 'permanent' ...

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