Emperor Bidatsu

Emperor Bidatsu (敏達天皇, Bidatsu-tennō?, 538 – 14 September 585) was the 30th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

Bidastsu's reign spanned the years from 572 through 585.

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Empress Suiko - Traditional Narrative - Events of Suiko's Life
... Empress Suiko was a consort to her half-brother, Emperor Bidatsu, but after Bidatsu's first wife died she became his official consort and was given the title Ōkisaki (official consort of the ... After Bidatsu's death, Suiko's brother, Emperor Yōmei, came to power for about two years before dying of illness ... Prince Hatsusebe acceded to the throne as Emperor Sushun in 587 ...
Emperor Bidatsu - Genealogy
... He was the second son of Emperor Kimmei by his consort Iwahime, a daughter of Emperor Senka ... According to the Nihonshoki and Gukanshō, Bidatsu had four empresses and 16 Imperial children (6 sons and 10 daughters) ... Bidatsu's first empress, Hirohime, died in the fifth year of his reign ...

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