Emission Lines

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Seyfert Galaxy - Characteristics
... galaxies are characterized by extremely bright nuclei, and spectra which have very bright emission lines of hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, and oxygen ... These emission lines exhibit strong Doppler broadening, which implies velocities from 500 to 4000 km/s, and are believed to originate near an accretion disc surrounding the ... These emission lines may come from the surface of the accretion disk itself, or may come from clouds of gas illuminated by the central engine in an ionization cone ...
Active Galactic Nucleus - Types of Active Galaxy - Radio-quiet AGN
... Low-ionization nuclear emission-line regions (LINERs) ... They show optical nuclear continuum emission, narrow and (sometimes) broad emission lines, (sometimes) strong nuclear X-ray emission and sometimes a weak small-scale radio jet ... they were divided into two types known as Seyfert 1 and 2 Seyfert 1s show strong broad emission lines while Seyfert 2s do not, and Seyfert 1s are more likely ...
Timeline Of Chemical Elements Discoveries - Recorded Discoveries
... They discovered caesium by its two blue emission lines in a sample of Dürkheim mineral water ... Kirchhoff discovered it just a few months after caesium, by observing new spectral lines in the mineral lepidolite ... Lamy Shortly after the discovery of rubidium, Crookes found a new green line in a selenium sample later that year, Lamy found the element to be metallic ...
Libs - Design
... radiation over the widest wavelength range possible, maximising the number of emission lines detected for each particular element ... All elements have emission lines within this wavelength range ... systems can separate spectral emission lines in close juxtaposition, reducing interference and increasing selectivity ...

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