Emergency Main Ballast

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Ehime Maru And USS Greeneville Collision - Incident - Collision
... at 1330, Waddle called for Greeneville to perform an emergency dive (called an "emergency deep") followed by an emergency main ballast blow, a ... a three-minute, 360-degree periscope scan before executing the emergency main ballast blow maneuver ... Waddle later explained how he conducted his periscope search After completing the emergency dive at about 1340, Waddle invited two of the civilian guests, John Hall, one of the CEOs, and ...

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    In this country, you never pull the emergency brake, even when there is an emergency. It is imperative that the trains run on schedule.
    Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921–1990)

    Women are taught that their main goal in life is to serve others—first men, and later, children. This prescription leads to enormous problems, for it is supposed to be carried out as if women did not have needs of their own, as if one could serve others without simultaneously attending to one’s own interests and desires. Carried to its “perfection,” it produces the martyr syndrome or the smothering wife and mother.
    Jean Baker Miller (20th century)