Embryonic Development

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Nuclear Lamina - Role and Interaction Aspects - Embryonic Development and Cell Differentiation
... The presence of lamins in embryonic development is readily observed in various model organisms such as Xenopus laevis, the chick and mammals ... which are present in different expression patterns during the different stages of the embryonic development ... In the early embryonic stages of the chick, the only lamins present are B-type lamins ...
Oogonium - In The Mammalian Fetus - Development and Differentiation
... germ cells arise from proximal epiblasts under the influence of extra-embryonic signals ... During the 4th or 5th week of development, the gonads begin to differentiate ... During the 6th to 8th week of female (XX) embryonic development, the primordial germ cells grow and begin to differentiate into oogonia ...
Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4 - Function
... bone morphogenetic proteins, is involved in bone and cartilage development, specifically tooth and limb development and fracture repair ... It has been shown to be involved in muscle development, bone mineralization, and ureteric bud development ... In human embryonic development, BMP4 is a critical signaling molecule required for the early differentiation of the embryo and establishing of a dorsal-ventral axis ...
CYR61 - Embryonic Development
... During embryo development in mice, Cyr61 is highly expressed in the cardiovascular, skeletal, and neuronal systems ... Cyr61 knockout mice are embryonic lethal due to defects in cardiac septal morphogenesis, deficient blood vessel formation in placenta, and compromised vascular integrity ...
... aorta-gonad-mesonephros is a region of embryonic mesoderm that develops during embryonic development from the para-aortic splanchnopleura in chick, mouse and human embryos ... The AGM region plays an important role in embryonic development, being the first autonomous intra-embryonic site for definitive haematopoiesis ... is an area derived from splanchnopleura mesoderm identified in embryonic humans, mice, and non-mammalian vertebrates such as birds and zebrafish ...

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    I could not undertake to form a nucleus of an institution for the development of infant minds, where none already existed. It would be too cruel.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Quintilian [educational writer in Rome around A.D. 100] thought that the earliest years of the child’s life were crucial. Education should start earlier than age seven, within the family. It should not be so hard as to give the child an aversion to learning. Rather, these early lessons would take the form of play—that embryonic notion of kindergarten.
    C. John Sommerville (20th century)