Elpida Karamandi

Elpida Karamandi was born on the 1 January in the year of 1920, in Florina, Greece. Her mother emigrates to Vardar Macedonia (then part of kingdome of Yugoslavia) in Bitola, to her relatives and there marries for the second time.

Elpida grew up and was educated in Bitola and later continued her studies in Belgrade, where she joined with the progressive and youth movement, became a member of SKOJ from 1939. When the war began, she was in Bitola. In those days with a few friends, Elpida lead the attempts to start a resistance against the enemy in the city, spreading the idea for the national freedom movement between the women and youth. In June 1941, since Elpida was accepted in the party, her active work was noticed by the Bulgarian police and she was arrested. When she was released Elpida goes in illegality and even more works in mobilizing and resistance against the occupiers.

In April 1942 she left Bitola and went to the First Bitola Partisan detachment. On 3 May 1942, the detachment is surrounded by the Bulgarian police. Heavily wounded, Elpida Karamandi is captured, and later dies in Bulgarian captivity.

Name Karamandi, Elpida
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Date of birth 1920
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Date of death 1942
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