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Modular Synthesizers

The modular synthesizer is a type of synthesizer consisting of separate interchangeable modules. These are also available as kits for hobbyist DIY constructors. Many hobbyist designers also make available bare PCB boards and front panels for sale to other hobbyists.

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Roland Corporation - Timeline of Noteworthy Products
1973 – Roland SH-1000 Japan's first commercial keyboard synthesizer. 1974 – Roland SH-3A Monophonic synthesizer. 1975 – Roland System-100 Roland's first attempt at a modular synthesizer ...
... CV/Gate (an abbreviation of Control Voltage/Gate) is an analog method of controlling synthesizers, drum machines and other similar equipment with external sequencers ... This method was widely used in the epoch of analog modular synthesizers, beginning in the 1960s and up to the early 1980s ... The advent of digital synthesizers also made it possible to store and retrieve voice 'patches' - eliminating patch cables and (for the most part) control voltages ...
Modular Synthesizer - Types of Modules
... Modular synthesizers fall into two broad categories, analog, and digital ... The analog modular synthesizer is a type of synthesizer consisting of separate specialized modules connected by wires (patch cords) to create a so-called patch ... The basic modular functions are as signal, control, logic/timing ...