Electrode Array

An electrode array is a configuration of electrodes used for measuring either an electric current or voltage. Some electrode arrays can operate in a bidirectional fashion, in that they can also be used to provide a stimulating pattern of electric current or voltage.

Common arrays include:

  • Schlumberger (Wenner)
  • Wenner alpha
  • Wenner beta
  • Wenner gamma
  • Pole-pole
  • Dipole-dipole
  • Pole-dipole
  • Equatorial dipole-dipole

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Electrode Array - Resistivity
... of bulk materials is a frequent application of electrode arrays ... The figure shows a Wenner array, one of the possible ways of achieving this ... Injecting the current through electrodes separate from those being used for measurement of potential has the advantage of eliminating any inaccuracies caused by ...
Kevin Warwick - Work - Project Cyborg
... This device consisted of an internal electrode array, connected to an external "gauntlet" that housed supporting electronics ... The electrode array inserted contained 100 electrodes, of which 25 could be accessed at any one time, whereas the median nerve which it monitored carries many times that number of signals ... A highly publicised extension to the experiment, in which a simpler array was implanted into the arm of Warwick's wife—with the ultimate aim of one day creating a form of telepathy or empathy using the ...
Applications of The Greenwood Function
... The success of a cochlear implant relies in part upon electrode array placement within the cochlea in which the positioning is based on the frequency-spatial relationship empirically described by the ... By aligning the electrodes with the positions of the auditory ganglia contacting the basilar membrane as described by the Greenwood function, the cochlear ... Electrode array insertion depth is guided by the frequency map created by the Greenwood function, and allows electrical stimulation of neurons involved in stimulating the area of the brain responsible for speech ...
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... Eventual development of microelectrode arrays allowed recording from multiple units at a time ... in unanesthesized, unrestrained cats using tungsten electrodes. 1967 The first record of multi-electrode arrays for recording was published by Marg and Adams ...

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