Elections in Puerto Rico

Elections in Puerto Rico gives information on elections and election results in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico elects on state level a governor and a legislature. The island's governor is elected for a four year term by the people.

The Legislative Assembly (Asamblea Legislativa in Spanish) has two chambers: the Chamber of Representatives (Cámara de Representantes in Spanish) and the Senate (Senado in Spanish) which is elected for a four year term concurrently with the governor.

Although Puerto Rico has a three-party system, the two parties that wish to maintain ties with the US government dominate; the third party, favoring independence, obtains only a small percentage of the votes.

In the 2008 elections a fourth party participated, the Puertorriqueños por Puerto Rico (PPR). In 2012 six parties are expected to participate, the same four as in 2008 and two new ones: Partido del Pueblo Trabajador (PPT), and Movimiento Union Soberanista (MUS).

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