Elapsed Time

  • (noun): The time that elapses while some event is occurring.

Some articles on time, elapsed time, times:

Formalism - Atomic DEVS
... or also called the set of partial states) is the time advance function which is used to determine the lifespan of a state is the external transition ... a state of the system generates an output event (when the elapsed time reaches to the lifetime of the state) The atomic DEVS Model for Ping-Pong Players The atomic ...
... timepiece designed to measure the amount of time elapsed from a particular time when activated to when the piece is deactivated ... Pressing the top button starts the timer running, and pressing the button a second time stops it, leaving the elapsed time displayed ... The second button is also used to record split times or lap times ...
Atomic SP-DEVS - Behaviors of A SP-DEVS Model
... we need to introduce two variables associated to time ... One is the lifespan, the other is the elapsed time since the last resetting ... Let denote the elapsed time which is continuously increasing over time if there is no resetting ...

Famous quotes containing the words time and/or elapsed:

    Every time a woman makes herself laugh at her husband’s often-told jokes she betrays him. The man who looks at his woman and says “What would I do without you?” is already destroyed.
    Germaine Greer (b. 1939)

    ... most Southerners of my parents’ era were raised to feel that it wasn’t respectable to be rich. We felt that all patriotic Southerners had lost everything in defense of the South, and sufficient time hadn’t elapsed for respectable rebuilding of financial security in a war- impoverished region.
    Sarah Patton Boyle, U.S. civil rights activist and author. The Desegregated Heart, part 1, ch. 1 (1962)