El Tiempo

El Tiempo may refer to:

  • El Tiempo (Colombia), a Colombian newspaper
  • El Tiempo (Honduras), a Honduran newspaper
  • El Tiempo (Ecuador), an Ecuadorian newspaper
  • El Tiempo (Istanbul), a Turkish newspaper
  • El Tiempo (Anzoátegui), a Venezuelan newspaper in Anzoátegui state
  • El Tiempo (Trujillo), a Venezuelan newspaper in Trujillo state
  • El Tiempo (United States), a Spanish-language U.S. newspaper
  • El Tiempo (album), a 1994 album by Mexican singer Benny Ibarra

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Aventuras En El Tiempo (soundtrack)
... Aventuras En El Tiempo is a soundtrack for the Mexican television series Aventuras En El Tiempo ("Adventures In Time"), it was released in Mexico by Fonovisa ...
El Tiempo (Colombia)
... El Tiempo (The Time in English) is a daily newspaper in Colombia, a non-tabloid daily with national distribution ... After longtime rival El Espectador was reduced to a weekly publication following an internal financial crisis in 2001, El Tiempo enjoyed monopoly status in Colombian media as ... On 11 May 2008 El Espectador returned to the daily format ...
Daniel Samper Pizano - Career
... the Gimnasio Moderno, where he began writing in the students newspaper El Aguilucho. 19 he worked for the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo as a reporter ... He writes a column for El Tiempo called "Cambalache" (colloquialism meaning "Exchange") and the magazine Carrusel with a humor section called "Postre de notas", as well as ...
José Carlos Mariátegui - Life and Works
... In 1916, he left his first employer to join a new daily, El Tiempo, which had a more leftist orientation ... years later he launched his own magazine, only to find that the owners of El Tiempo refused to print it ... This led him to break with El Tiempo and launch a newspaper called La Razón, which became his first major venture in left wing journalism ...