EEA or Eea may refer to:

  • Eea or Electron affinity, the energy required to detach an electron from a singly charged negative ion
  • River Eea, in Cumbria, England
  • EEA Helicopter Operations, a Dutch subsidiary of CHC Helicopter
  • Egyptian Engineering Agencies, a company based in Cairo
  • Environment of evolutionary adaptedness, a term in the field of evolutionary psychology
  • Environmental-economic accounting
  • Ethylene acrylic acid
  • European Economic Area
  • European Environment Agency
  • Exchange Equalisation Account, the British Treasury's reserve fund
  • Extended Euclidean Algorithm

Other articles related to "eea":

Directive 2004/38/EC On The Right To Move And Reside Freely - Implementation - UK
... The implementation is reasonably complete and accurate although non-EEA family members require an entrance clearance (called EEA Family Permit) to enter the UK even if they are ...
Residence Card Of A Family Member Of A Union Citizen
... European Economic Area (EEA) citizens have the right of free movement and residence throughout the EEA ... extends to certain family members, even if they are not EEA citizens ... document in lieu of an entry visa for entry to all EEA member states, subject to conditions (although not all EEA states recognise this entitlement) ...
EEA And Norway Grants
... The EEA Grants and Norway Grants are the financial contributions of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein towards the reduction of economic and social disparities ...
EEA And Norway Grants - Background
... The EEA Agreement allows the EEA EFTA States (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) to participate in the Internal Market ... Ever since the EEA Agreement entered into force in 1994, the EEA EFTA States have contributed to social and economic progress in the least developed countries of the EU and EEA ... Financial Instrument (1999–2003), and the EEA and Norway Grants (2004–2009) ...