Edward Quartermaine

Edward Quartermaine

Edward Louis Quartermaine is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. The character was created in 1978, originally played by David Lewis. John Ingle stepped into the role in 1993, and besides a brief hiatus from 2004 until 2006, he portrayed Edward up until his death on September 16, 2012.

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Edward Quartermaine - Storyline - 2010s
... In January 2010, Edward invites his great granddaughter Maya Ward to Port Charles to live at the mansion ... In the same conversation Monica mentions that she thinks it's Edward's way to make up for failing Justus ... Edward was also on hand in January 2010 to attend the christening of Josslyn Jacks, the sister of his great-grandson, Michael ...
Justus Ward - Character History
... Edward Quartermaine offers Justus the position as Council for ELQ and gives him shares of the company, which enrages his cousins A.J ... Edward Quartermaine figures out Justus had killed Damian and convinces him not to turn himself in ... Even though Edward hires a lawyer to defend Laura, Justus is riddled with guilt and becomes her lawyer instead ...
List Of General Hospital Characters - Q
... Alan Quartermaine (deceased) (Stuart Damon, 1977–2008, 2011, 2012) Former chief of Staff at General Hospital ... Son of Edward and Lila Quartermaine ... Brother of Tracy Quartermaine, Jimmy Lee Holt and Bradley Ward ...
List Of General Hospital Cast Members - Former Cast Members
... Kiefer Bauer 2009–10 Denise Alexander Lesley Webber 1972–84, 1996–2009 Jed Allan Edward Quartermaine 2004–05 Rachel Ames Audrey March Hardy 1964–2007, 2009 ... Virginia "Ginny" Blake Webber 1984–86 Robin Christopher Skye Chandler Quartermaine 2001–08, 2010, 2011, 2012 Tyler Christopher Nikolas Cassadine Connor Bishop 1996–99, 2003–11 ... Taylor Wallace 2010–11 Augusta Dabney Caroline Chandler Baldwin 1975 Stuart Damon Alan Quartermaine 1977–2008, 2011, 2012 Shell Danielson Dominique Baldwin 1992–93 Lane Davies Cameron Lewis 2002–04 ...
David Langton (General Hospital) - W
... Ward (deceased) (Aaron Seville, 1994) Illegitimate son of Edward Quartermaine and Mary Mae Ward ... Philadelphia at the request of his daughter, Keesha, to meet her boyfriend Jason Quartermaine ... service but immediately leaves and wants nothing to do with the Quartermaine family ...

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