Ebullition Records - Discography


001: Downcast, s/t 7"EP
002: Admiral, "Revolving and Loading" 7"EP
003: Downcast, s/t LP (version 1)
004: Various Artists, "Give Me Back" LP
005: Struggle, s/t 7"EP
006: Downcast, s/t LP (version 2)
007: Sawhorse, s/t 7"EP
008: Iconoclast, s/t 7"EP
009: Spitboy, "True Self Revealed" 7"EP
010: End of the Line, s/t 12"EP
011: Various Artists, "3/12/93" 7"EP
012: Manumission, "Binary Lung" 7"EP
013: Life... But How to Live It?, s/t 12"EP
013.5: Floodgate, "Trouble's A' Brewin'" LP
014: Iconoclast, "Groundlessness of Belief" 7"EP
015: Econochrist, "Skewed" 7"EP
015.5: Iconoclast, discography CD
016: Still Life, "From Angry Heads with Skyward Eyes" 2xLP/CD
016.5: Moss Icon, "It Disappears" LP
017: Struggle, s/t LP/"One Settler One Bullet" CD
018: Econochrist: "Trained to Serve" LP
019: Portraits of Past/Bleed, split 7"EP
020: Jara, s/t 7"EP
021: Various Artists, "Illiterate" LP
022: Spitboy. "Rasana" 7"EP
022.5: Failure Face, "All Pain No Gain" 7"EP
023: Fuel, "Monuments to Excess" LP
024: Various Artists, "XXX" 2xLP/CD
025: Los Crudos/Spitboy, split LP
025.5: Ice Nine/Gadje, split 7"EP
026: Amber Inn, "Serenity in Hand" 7"EP
027: Various Artists, "HeartattaCk #10" LP
028: Manrae, "Pacata Hibernia" 7"EP
028.5: Manumission, "Diego Rivera" 7"EP
029: Various Artists, "Amnesia" LP
030: Econochrist, "Another Victim" 7"EP
030.5: Julia, s/t LP
031: Ex-Ignota, "Lazarus is Back to Report Sunny Skies in Heaven" 7"EP
032: Portraits of Past, "0101010101" LP/CD
033: Seein' Red, "Marinus" 7"EP
033.5: Incurable Complaint, s/t 7"EP
034: Ivich, "La Vie Devant Soi" 10"EP
035: Monster X, "Attrition" 7"EP
035.5: Sawpit, s/t 7"EP
036: Bleed, "True Colors Running" 7"EP
037: Econochrist, discography 2xCD
038: Torches to Rome, s/t 12"EP
039: Amber Inn, "All Roads Lead Home" LP/CD
040: Born and Razed, "Holy Wars" LP
041: Submission Hold, "Waiting for Another Monkey to Throw the First Wrench" LP/CD
042: Bread and Circuits, s/t LP/CD
043 Yaphet Kotto, "the Killer was in the Government Blankets" LP/CD
044: Reversal of Man, "This is Medicine" LP/CD
045: Orchid - "Chaos Is Me" LP
046: Orchid - "Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!" 10"EP
047: Severed Head of State, s/t 7"EP/discography CD
048: Countdown to Putsch, Book and CD
049: Yaphet Kotto, "Syncopated Synthetic Laments for Love" LP/CD
050: Submission Hold, "Sackcloth and Ashes the Ostrich Dies at Midnight" LP/CD
051: Orchid, Gatefold LP/CD
052: This Machine Kills, "Death in the Audobon Ballroom" LP/CD
053: Severed Head of State, "No Love Lost" 7"EP/CD
054: Policy of 3, discography 2xCD
055: Yage, "Anders Lieben" LP/CD
056: Yaphet Kotto, "We Bury Our Dead Alive" LP/CD
057: Ampere, "All Our Tomorrows End Today" 10"EP/CD
058: Seein' Red, "We Need to Do more than Just Music" LP
059: Ampere/Sinaloa, split LP/CD
010000: Born Against/Suckerpunch split flexi

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