Early Heian Period

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10th Century In Poetry - Japan - Poets
... Emon 赤染衛門 (956–1041) waka poet of the mid-Heian period a member of both the Thirty-six Elder Poetic Sages and Kintō's 36 female poetry immortals (or "sages") of the Kamakura period Fujiwara no Asatada. 939–994), middle Heian period waka poet and nobleman one of the Thirty-six Poetry Immortals has poems in imperial poetry anthologies starting with Gosen Wakashū Fujiwara no Tametoki 藤原為時 (died 1029?), poet ... of death unknown, sometime after 1033), mid-Heian period poet, novelist and noblewoman one of the Thirty-six Poetry Immortals known for a sequence of affairs at the court in the capital close ...
Japanese Poetry - Ancient - Waka in The Early Heian Period
... the Man'yōshū reached its final form, the one we know today, very early in the Heian period ... documents claim further editing was done in the later period by other poets including Sugawara no Michizane ... some eminent waka poets were active in the early Heian period, including the six best waka poets ...

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