EAL can stand for:

  • English as an additional language, one term within English language learning and teaching
  • Eastern Air Lines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Evaluation Assurance Level
  • Echelle Atomique Libre (Free Atomic Scale), a time scale underlying International Atomic Time

EAL may refer to:

  • EAL domain, a conserved protein domain

Other articles related to "eal":

CESG Claims Tested Mark - Comparisons
... constructured in a layered manner, with multiple Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) specifications being available with increasing complexity, timescale and costs as the EAL number rises Common Criteria is ...
Safelayer Secure Communications
... Safelayer's technology has been EAL2 and EAL4+ Common Criteria certified ... Currently, Safelayer is the only company with a whole family of products CC EAL4+ certified ...
Martin 4-0-4 - Operational History
... First deliveries in 1951 were made to Eastern Air Lines (EAL) who had ordered 60 and Trans World Airlines (TWA) who had ordered 40 ... EAL operated their 4-0-4s in the eastern USA using the class name "Silver Falcon" ... The first EAL schedule was flown on 5 January 1952 and retirement came in late 1962 ...
Evaluation Assurance Level - Implications of Assurance Levels - Impact On Cost and Schedule
... In the mid to late 1990s, vendors reported spending US$1 million and even US$2.5 million on evaluations comparable to EAL4 ... There have been no published reports of the cost of the various Microsoft Windows security evaluations ...