EaD or EAD may be:

  • Early afterdepolarization, a type of cardiac dysrhythmia
  • Elite athletes with a disability
  • Employment authorization document, in U.S. employment
  • Encoded Archival Description, a standard for encoding archival finding aids
  • Equivalent air depth, in diving with nitrox
  • EAD-socket (German: Ethernet-Anschlussdose), a wall socket for Ethernet connections
  • European AIS Database, in European aviation
  • Exposure at default (EAD), in finance (Basel II)
  • Station code for Earlsfield railway station in London
  • Extreme Anxiety Disorder, an intensified version of Anxiety Disorder

EAD may also be:

  • Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development, in video gaming
  • Escola de Arte Dramática de São Paulo, the drama school of University of São Paulo
  • Emergency Airworthiness Directive, a directive issued when an unsafe condition exists that requires immediate action by an aircraft owner or operator

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... The Nintendo EAD and Pax Softnica collaboration began on Famicom Folktale Island of Oni and continued through Famicom Folktale Brave Spirits ... On the original two works, Nintendo EAD handled the story design and character design with Tatsuya Hishida leading the efforts as creative director on the behalf of ... on Time Twist shifted towards Pax Softnica and designer Keiji Terui as Nintendo EAD only provided the music and production tasks ...
Exposure At Default - How EAD Is Calculated
... Calculation of EAD is different under foundation and advanced approach ... under foundation approach (F-IRB) calculation of EAD is guided by the regulators, under the advanced approach (A-IRB) banks enjoy greater flexibility on how they calculate EAD ...
... EAD is an abbreviation for German Ethernet-Anschlussdose ... The EAD standard defines wall mounted Ethernet connection outlets that enjoy a higher reliability than standard BNC T-connectors ... EAD outlets have been developed from TAE connectors for telephony applications but they are intended for connecting coaxial network cables like 10BASE2 ...
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