Dyadic may refer to:

  • Adicity / Arity of a mathematical relation or function (dyadic relations are usually called binary relations)
  • Dyadic(sociology), As an adjective, "dyadic" describes their interaction between pair of individuals. In a dyad can be linked via romantic interest, family relation, interests, work, partners in crime and so on.
  • Dyadic communication
  • Dyadic counterpoint, the voice-against-voice conception of polyphony
  • Dyadic fraction, a mathematical group related to dyadic rationals
  • Dyadic product
  • Dyadic solenoid, a kind of dyadic fraction
  • Dyadic tensor
  • Dyadic transformation
  • Dyadic data: Data composed of two sets of objects A and B, in such a way that observations are observations of couples (a, b), with and .
  • Dyadics, tensor math

Other articles related to "dyadic":

Bounded Mean Oscillation - Generalizations and Extensions - The Dyadic BMO Space
... Let Δ denote the set of dyadic cubes in ℝn ... The space dyadic BMO, written BMOd is the space of functions satisfying the same inequality as for BMO functions, only that the supremum is over all dyadic cubes ... In particular, the function log(x)χ[0,∞) is a function that is in dyadic BMO but not in BMO ...
J (programming Language) - Documentation
... Note that verbs have two forms monadic (arguments only on the right) and dyadic (arguments on the left and on the right) ... For example, in '-1' the hyphen is a monadic verb, and in '3-2' the hyphen is a dyadic verb ... The monadic definition is mostly independent of the dyadic definition, regardless of whether the verb is a primitive verb or a derived verb ...
Dyadic Aspects of Sign Relations
... ⊆ O × S × I, whether it is a sign relation or not, there are six dyadic relations that can be obtained by projecting L on one of the planes of the OSI-space O × S × I ... The six dyadic projections of a triadic relation L are defined and notated as follows LOS = projOS(L) = { (o, s) ∈ O × S (o, s, i) ∈ L for some i ∈ I } LSO = projSO(L) = { (s, o) ∈ S ... The dyadic relation that results from the projection of L on the OS-plane O × S is written briefly as LOS or written more fully as projOS(L), and it is defined as the ...
Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
... Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy is a psychotherapeutic treatment method for families that have children with symptoms of emotional disorders, including Complex ... attachment theory and particularly the work of John Bowlby as theoretical motivations for dyadic developmental psychotherapy ... Dyadic developmental therapy principally involves creating a "playful, accepting, curious, and empathic" environment in which the therapist attunes to the child's "subjective experiences" and reflects ...