Dutch Football League System

Dutch Football League System

The Dutch football league consists of two fully professional leagues (Eredivisie and Eerste Divisie) one semi-professional level (Topklasse) and seven levels of amateur football leagues, the highest of which is called Hoofdklasse. All the leagues are connected by a Promotion and relegation system, but in order to be promoted to the Eerste Divisie a club has to submit a solid business plan to be approved by the Royal Dutch Football Association, as well as meet certain stadium demands, and some other demands that the Football Association stated for all the teams in the top two leagues. That way is was possible that the IJsselmeervogels won the 2010–11 Topklasse, but was not promoted, because they did not want to be bound to these demands. FC Oss was promoted instead. The Football Association obliges every team from the two fully professional leagues to contract 16 players full-time, in order to keep these leagues fully professional.

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