Duro may refer to:

  • Duro (monetary unit), in Catalonia equal to five Catalan pesetas
  • Duro v. Reina (1990), a U.S. Supreme Court case
  • a coin of five Spanish pesetas
  • Samir Duro, Bosnian footballer
  • Ibrahim Duro, Bosnian footballer
  • Duro, a Star Wars planet
  • a free, truly relational RDBMS library, written in C
  • the Mowag Duro a wheeled military vehicle produced by MOWAG
    • includes the Duro III
  • Sjoerd Janssen, Dutch DJ
  • Ken Duro Ifill, American audio engineer
  • A brand of super glue, manufactured by Henkel Corp.

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Albert Duro
... Albert Duro (born 16 February 1978) is an Albania footballer ... Albert Duro is a former Albanian international and played for Romanian top division club Steaua Bucure┼čti and National Bucure┼čti ...
... The MOWAG DURO (Durable Robust) is a tactical military vehicle in both four and six wheel drive ... Over 4,000 DURO 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles are now in service worldwide ... The latest versions are the DURO II and DURO III ...
MOWAG Duro - DURO II in Service With The Irish Army
... The DURO II 6X6 has been in service with the Irish Army since 2004 in two variants a mobile workshops vehicle for armourers and an armoured EOD vehicle (shown in the picture) ... The DURO II is has been shown not to be the most reliable vehicle on service with the Irish Army although when the vehicle is serviceable it is very capable especially off road ... one team would only need one EOD vehicle but given the problems with the DURO II it was felt necessary to deploy two in order to maintain operational capability ...
Rheinmetall YAK
... German company Rheinmetall Landsysteme AG based on the DURO IIIP chassis from the Swiss company MOWAG GmbH ... DURO stands for DUrable and RObust ... The first batch of DURO III vehicles for Germany consisted of 31 vehicles ...