Duraiappa Stadium Mass Grave

The Duraiappa stadium mass grave (also spelled Duraiyappah or Thuraiappa) was discovered and excavated at the Duraiappah Sports Stadium (named after Alfred Duraiappah) in the formerly embattled northern city of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, during a period of relative calm between civil conflicts. The mass grave was unearthed in stages between April 4 and 10 of 1999.

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Duraiappa Stadium Mass Grave - UTHR
... calling upon persons who have reason to believe, or even suspect, that the graves may contain the remains of persons in whom they have an interest, to come forward was not done, and because of this ... at that time the excavations at Duraiappah Stadium are neither satisfactory nor professional ... newspaper demanded that as they are several more mass graves in the North-East of the country and they should be investigated impartially as well ...

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