DRV may refer to:

  • The Douay-Rheims Version of the Holy Bible
  • Deutscher Radfahrer-Verband, the cycling unit of the Nazi Sports Office (NSRL)
  • Deutscher Rugby-Verband, (German Rugby Federation)
  • Deutscher Raiffeisenverband an umbrella organization of small farming and food-production cooperatives in Germany
  • North Vietnam, Democratic Republic of Vietnam (1945-1976)
  • Dietary Reference Values, the UK's Department of Health's nutritional intake recommendations
  • Darunavir, an antiretroviral drug (treatment of HIV), which inhibits the viral protease
  • Deed Restriction Violation

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19 20 ~INDEX GROUND 22 ... ~READY GROUND 24 ... ~XFER REQ GROUND 26 ... ~DRV SLCT 0 GROUND 28 ... ~DRV SLCT 1 GROUND 30 ... Reserved GROUND 32 ... ~READ GATE GROUND 34 ... ~CMD ...
CIA Activities In Laos - Laos 1964
... North) Republic of Vietnam (DRV) to reduce activities in the Republic (i.e ... The DRV, China, and USSR would be told that US intentions were limited ... It was projected that the DRV would wait on military action while stirring diplomatic opinion against the US ...
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CIA Activities In Vietnam - Vietnam 1965 - Vietnam 1965: Soviet Reactions
... "...we believe that the USSR would see no alternative to continued support of the DRV and further expansion of its military aid ... It would thus be likely to grant a DRV request for additional air defense equipment and personnel ... It would probably feel compelled to comply promptly with DRV requests to replace air defense equipment destroyed by US attacks in the Hanoi area ...