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Series Commander
... for the conduct and instruction of Marine recruits and Marine Corps Drill Instructors within one of the two series, lead or follow ... captain (O-3), and they are assisted in their duties by a Series Chief Drill Instructor (MCRD San Diego) or a Series Gunnery Sergeant (MCRD Parris Island) ... The Series Commander will then oversee his Drill Instructors as they lead the recruits through the course ...
Series Commander - Responsibilities
... Ensure the Drill Instructors train recruits in accordance with the Recruit Training SOP ... Foster spirit and discipline within the series through positive leadership ensure that drill instructors are routinely given objective and accurate written performance assessments ... Ensure the safety, health, and welfare of recruits and drill instructors ...
United States Marine Corps Recruit Training - Overview - Drill Instructors
... Each platoon is assigned three or more Drill Instructors, sometimes informally referred to as "hats" due to their distinctive campaign cover ... The tough treatment of Marine recruits by Drill Instructors is legendary ... victims in his platoon to face crushing defeat at the hands of a merciless staff-sergeant drill instructor and his two assistants ...
United States Marine Corps Recruit Training - Overview - Organizational Structure
... Drill instructors are assigned to each platoon, and will usually stay from the beginning to the end of training ... The Senior Drill Instructor of each platoon will select recruits to billets of responsibility, to mimic command and staff positions of a Marine unit ...

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