Dragon Knight

The Dragon Knight is a series of fantasy novels by Gordon R. Dickson (1923–2001). The first book informed the 1982 animated movie The Flight of Dragons by Rankin/Bass, but was previously published as a short story, St. Dragon and the George. The title here refers in part to an in-universe nomenclature, wherein the story's dragons use the name "george" as a synonym or substitute of "human", after 'St. George the Dragon-Slayer', and in part a reference to the latter.

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The Dragon Knight
... The Dragon Knight is the second book of Gordon R ... Dickson's Dragon Knight series ... The novel begins five months after the battle at Loathly Tower which took place in The Dragon and The George ...
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The Dragon Knight
... Chronological Listing The Dragon and the George (1976, Nelson Doubleday) British Fantasy Award The Dragon Knight (1990, Tor Books) The Dragon on the Border (1992 ... Dragon and the George, first published in F SF Sep '57, was later expanded into the first novel of the series ... later reprinted in several collections, among them A Dragon-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic, edited by Margaret Weis ...

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    Nae living man I’ll love again,
    Since that my lovely knight is slain.
    Wi ae lock of his yellow hair
    I’ll chain my heart for evermair.
    —Unknown. The Lament of the Border Widow (l. 25–28)

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