Drago may refer to:

  • Drago (given name)
  • Drago (surname).
  • Drago, Italian for dragon
  • Drago (river) in Sicily
  • Drago restaurants of California
  • Drago, Serbian footballer a.k.a. Ivica Dragutinović
  • Drago, the nickname of American mixed martial artist Pete Sell
  • Drago, ring name of professional wrestler Víctor Soto
  • Drago (software), one of many Computer Go programs.

Fictional characters:

  • Ivan Drago, boxer Rocky IV film
  • Blackie Drago, in comics
  • Drago (Jackie Chan Adventures)
  • Drago, species in Mother 3 game
  • A character in Bakugan.

Other articles related to "drago":

Sam Drago
... Salvatore Drago, a.k.a ... His father, Vittorio Drago, was the Don of the Florida syndicate ... In 1954, Sam Drago becomes the don of the Florida syndicate ...
List Of Jackie Chan Adventures Characters - Villains - Drago and The Ice Crew - Drago
... Voiced by Michael Rosenbaum "Please, call me Drago" —Drago introducing himself "This isn't over!" —Drago after losing to the Chans at the end of some episodes and being forced to ... in, Shendu grabbed his arm to help him, but Drago pulled Shendu in with him and they both ended up in the Demon Netherworld ... Drago usually makes puns, such as when Uncle's Chi detector's scale broke he remarked that "I'm off the scale" ...
Tony "Duke" Evers - Role in The Series - Rocky IV
... an exhibition bout against new Soviet sensation Ivan Drago in Las Vegas ... in a tragic turn of events, Creed is unfortunately killed at the hands of Drago, consequently setting up a grudge match between Balboa and Drago in Moscow on Christmas Day ... Rocky would ultimately knock out Drago in the fifteenth round to claim victory ...
Mark Bennett (snooker Player)
... Steve Davis 5–3 (from 0–3 down) and Tony Drago 5–1, before losing 3–6 to Euan Henderson in the semi-finals after having led 3–1 at the ... His quarter-final against Drago was particularly memorable for Drago hurling his cue at the table and storming out of the arena at the end of the match, with Drago ...